Likely Suspects -- An Alexis Parker novel

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Veronica Mars - the TV series: Question Every Answer

Veronica Mars has just graduated high school, but the after party hosted at the Neptune Grand turned out to be a terrifying event for all involved, especially since a few people didn’t make it out alive. Now Veronica, Logan, and Mac are forced to deal with the ramifications of that fateful night, and since Keith splurged on a graduation trip for him and his daughter to the Big Apple, it seems some time away from Neptune and all the death and mayhem will help the healing process being. However, when Kendall offers Keith a briefcase full of cash to help her, he sends his daughter to New York with the promise of meeting her as soon as he can. 

Three days. That’s the amount of time Veronica has to spend in New York by herself, but she’s not alone. Since Logan and Veronica are giving their relationship another try, he flies out to meet her in the city that never sleeps. Instead of spending three days enjoying the sights and heating things up between the sheets, free from any parental interference by her overprotective father, the two end up roped into an investigation that neither expected. Veronica is determined to reinvent herself, no more pissing people off or investigating heinous crimes, but when she meets Heidi, a foreign model, she can’t help but offer assistance. Logan is an emotional train wreck after all the death and destruction that has befallen his family and friends, and Veronica is one of the only good things left in his life. But if he had his way, spying on criminals wouldn’t be his first choice for the ideal romantic weekend. 

Two challenges. Now Veronica finds herself in the midst of a potential human trafficking ring that will span the entire nation from New York City to Neptune, California. Will this really be her last case as a private investigator before she begins college in the fall? Or will this make her realize exactly who she is and how far she’ll go to protect the innocent? Furthermore, can she save Heidi and the other models while navigating her relationship with Logan through the muddied waters and back to more steady ground? 

Only one way to find out. 

Veronica Mars - the TV series:  The Dark Side of Neptune

Veronica Mars isn't your typical eighteen year old high school student. She spends most of her free time helping out with the family business, Mars Investigations. When her father, Keith, is injured while chasing a bail jumper, it is up to Veronica to locate the man and bring him in.

Along the way she encounters quite a few obstacles, and dealing with Sheriff Lamb is never fun. With the help of Wallace, Weevil, and even Logan Echolls, she manages to track the bail jumper to a seedy motel just outside of town, but things become even more complicated when two dangerous men show up looking for her mark.

Will Veronica be able to finish her dad's latest assignment, or is this one case really too much for the teenage sleuth to solve?

Life isn't easy for Veronica Mars. Between school and helping her dad run his business, she also has to balance a social life with the few odd jobs she takes. Granted, she no longer goes to 09er parties or spends her days shopping and sunbathing with Lilly Kane on account of her best friend being murdered, but that doesn't mean there aren't other obligations in her life. Instead, Veronica has become somewhat of an outcast at Neptune High, but her pariah status has greatly improved her detective abilities, especially after befriending Wallace and Mac.

When Meg Manning, one of Veronica's former Pep Squad pals and Duncan Kane's newest girlfriend, needs help finding out who stole her car from the Neptune High parking lot, Veronica offers to look into the matter. As she investigates, she uncovers the seedier side of Neptune, including street racing on the PCH, a chop shop, and underground betting.

To further complicate matters, Veronica is determined to keep her new relationship with Logan Echolls a secret, but Logan soon becomes suspicious and jealous when she keeps disappearing and he spots her spending time with Weevil, as if Lilly's dalliance with the biker wasn't already a thorn in his side. Can she balance out her private life with her private investigating? Or will some aspects of the teen sleuth's busy schedule fall to the wayside?

The Dark Side of Neptune 

From Zero to Sixty