The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Mimicry of Banshees

Brains, beauty, and a past plagued with death and destruction, Alexis Parker is anything but ordinary. Her deductive skills and expert marksmanship make her deadly, but she must contend with her demons in order to overcome the irreparable damage she’s endured.

Ever since meeting James Martin, Alex’s life has never been the same. The former federal agent turned private investigator has faced off against mercenaries, deranged crime lords, and art smugglers, and that’s just what’s happened since taking a job in the private sector. After the most recent brush with death, Alex is reconsidering her work as a private security consultant, but the universe has other plans.

Martin has been arrested for the murder of supermodel Caterina Skolnick. The body was found on his yacht, and he was the only person onboard. Now Alex is once again rehired by her former boss to clear his name and identify the assailant. Her stellar reputation and Martin’s affluence, coupled with the threat of a lawsuit, force the police department to enlist her help in resolving this matter. Furthermore, she’s a size two, and they need her to infiltrate the salacious world of modeling, armed only with sarcasm and stilettos.

Her worlds collide when her corporate gig at Martin Technologies, her consulting position with the local PD, and her almost relationship with Martin blend together in a maelstrom of drugs, sex, and security overhauls. What’s a girl to do when the boundaries between her private life and her work life no longer exist?