The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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The former SAS operative made his debut in Racing Through Darkness, but since the events of Betrayal, we've come to see Mercer in a whole new light. His brief cameo in Crisis of Conscience serves as a backdrop for the next hostage situation Julian Mercer must help resolve. 

A senator's family is targeted by a team of kidnappers while vacationing on a tropical Caribbean island. It is up to Mercer and his team to rescue the family and unravel an even larger scandal. The former SAS aren't the only SpecOps players on the field. This time, they face-off against a group of private military contractors, a rogue espionage agent, a drug cartel, and a few government agencies that are vying for contracts that will grant them control of a specific portion of the globe. While everyone else's priority is the fortune that can be acquired through illicit dealings, Mercer and his team want nothing more than to rescue the senator's family. Death, destruction, and mayhem ensue. It'll be a bloody battle of wits in this deadliest game of chicken. 

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