The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Chronological Order for the Alexis Parker series:

 0) Outcomes and Perspective: The Prequel Compilation

     a) Assignment Zero

     b) Agent Prerogative

     c) The Final Chapter

 1) Likely Suspects

 2)  The Warhol Incident

 3)  Mimicry of Banshees

 4)  Suspicion of Murder

 5)  Racing Through Darkness

 6)  Camels and Corpses 

 7) Lack of Jurisdiction 

 8) Dying for a Fix

 9) Intended Target

10) Muffled Echoes 

11) Crisis of Conscience 

12) Misplaced Trust 

13) Whitewashed Lies 

14) On Tilt

15) Purview of Flashbulbs 

16) The Long Game

17) Burning Embers

18) Thick Fog

19) Warning Signs 

20) Past Crimes

21) Sinister Secret

Chronological Order for the Julian Mercer series:

    0) Racing Through Darkness (Alex Parker #5) - Character first introduced
1) Condemned
2) Betrayal

     2a) Crisis of Conscience (Alexis Parker #11) - Julian Mercer crossover

3) Subversion 

     3a) On Tilt (Alexis Parker #14) - Mention of Julian Mercer

4) Reparation

5) Retaliation

6) Hunting Grounds

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