The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Whitewashed Lies
released June 14, 2018

Federal agent Alexis Parker is on a quest to find the truth...

When a bomb goes off in the middle of the night, no one hears the blast except an anonymous tipster. The office building is empty, but the rooms are locked up tight. Even the police and fire department are unable to bypass the advanced security systems. What goes on inside this building? Why was it targeted? The company is a front for something, and based on their abrupt disappearance and the professional clean-up job, Agent Alexis Parker is positive it's a government cover-up.

While pursuing a lead, she crosses paths with some covert government agents whose only mission is to protect the secrets held within the bombed building, even if that means sabotaging the FBI's investigation. The stakes get even higher when evidence points to an anarchist hacker group being responsible for the IED. The CIA turned one of the hackers, and now the anarchist group might be seeking revenge. The only thing Alex can do is lead a manhunt to find the bomber and the rogue hacker before another detonation rocks the city and she ends up caught in the crossfire. Will she be able to stop the chaos and carnage that accompany total anarchy?