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Here's a snippet from The Long Game:

“Shots fired.”

I didn’t need the voice in my ear to say it. The evidence of the event lay before me. A man choked and gasped, struggling to breathe. Two bullets had torn through his torso.

Warily, I glanced out the front entrance. I didn’t see the shooter. Aiming in the direction from which the bullets came, I exited the building and grabbed the dying man by the collar and dragged him behind the decorative, cement planter. Kneeling next to him, I hoped more gunfire wouldn’t follow.

“You’ll be okay,” I said. “Just hang on.” Pink foam had already started to form in the corner of his mouth. I tapped the button on my radio. “We need an ambulance. Does anyone have eyes on the shooter?”

“Negative,” a response came back.

The man made a gurgling noise, frantically clutching my hands which were doing what little they could to stop the bleeding. We both knew he wasn’t going to make it. The wild, frightened look in his eyes searched for hope and comfort.

“I’m here. It’s okay.” I didn’t even know his name.

He squeezed my hand as a final tremble coursed through him. His entire body tensed, and he emitted one last wheeze. A river of blood flowed from his mouth. His eyes dulled, and he was gone.

March 26, 2019: Likely Suspects turns 6. Read about the journey here.

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