The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Thick Fog
Alexis Parker #18
Coming Fall 2020

The past doesn't just haunt you. It can kill you...

Nothing good ever happens at 3AM. Nothing. And as Alexis Parker stands in the midst of an active crime scene, she can't help but recall that admonition.

Mark Jablonsky, a man who's like a father to her, was rushed into surgery an hour ago. His prognosis is unknown, but if the blood-soaked sheets are any indicator, his odds aren't good.

When Alex resigned from the FBI, she did her best to put everything behind her. She moved on. The nightmares had finally stopped. Until now.

Alex swore she would never lose anyone again, but someone wants to force her to live her worst fears. Getting revenge on Mark is just the beginning. If Alex doesn't act quickly, more of her former colleagues will drop like flies. And then, the killer will come for her. 

Untitled Julian Mercer # 6

Coming this Winter