The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Buried Alive
Alexis Parker #23
Coming April 27, 2023

A questionable alliance has private investigator Alexis Parker concerned not only for her client’s safety but for her own...

Supervising a new branch of Cross Security was never on Alex’s to-do list, but given her boyfriend’s current job commitments and her boss’s insistence to expand the business, she doesn’t have much of a choice. So her days are spent running background checks and interviewing potential hires. It’s not exactly the kind of thing this former federal agent enjoys doing, but it pays the bills.

However, when Iris Stapleton, a woman from her grief counseling group, approaches Alex with a potential problem, she’s more than willing to help. As a former first responder and survivor of a near-fatal attack, Iris knows what the warning signs are, and her husband’s recent behavior has been sending up all sorts of red flags. He’s been emotionally distant and cold toward her. He’s been prone to bouts of anger, and on top of that, he’s been sneaking out of their house at all hours of the day and night.

Iris assumes he’s having an affair and wants Alex to catch him in the act. But the more Alex digs, the less she believes he’s having an affair. As his unexplained absences become more and more frequent, a bloody bag of clothing turns up in the Stapletons’ garbage can. Who is this man and what exactly is he doing on the nights he sneaks out?

Malicious Intent
Liv DeMarco #8
coming July 28, 2023

Homicide detectives Liv DeMarco and Brad Fennel have one of the best closure rates in the department, but this case has them stumped. Will they figure out who had means, motive, and opportunity, or will the killer actually get away with murder?

People aren't supposed to fly, so when a woman crashes into the roof of a car parked outside an exclusive hotel, the first thing Detective Liv DeMarco has to determine is if she jumped or if she was pushed. A party was raging on the roof at the time of the alleged murder, so finding witnesses shouldn't be that difficult. Someone must have seen the woman go over, but no one's talking.

To complicate matters, a call from Axel Kincaid has Liv second-guessing everything. Kincaid has information concerning the woman and the party guests. But what he has to say doesn't make a lot of sense.

Unsure what or who to believe, Liv and her partner Brad will have to reconstruct the scene and piece everything together bit by bit, but nothing is as it seems. And when half the suspects also have motive and opportunity, it might be impossible to determine exactly what happened on that roof and who is to blame.