The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Warning Signs
Alexis Parker #19
Coming 2021

Secrets prove deadly in Alexis Parker's latest case...

Alexis Parker is used to humdrum work assignments. Running background checks and tailing cheating spouses is common place for her and most of the private investigators at Cross Security. But she doesn't particularly enjoy digging up other people's dirt and shining a light on their nastier habits. However, it's a paycheck. And it makes her boss happy. So who can argue with that?

But when a client asks Cross Security to put his soon-to-be wife under surveillance, Alex knows there's more to the story than meets the eye. At first, the client's worries seem unfounded. He has no reason to believe his fiancée is a cheater or a liar, so why does he want her investigated? On the surface, they are the perfect couple with the perfect life who should have the perfect marriage. But nothing is ever perfect.

And Alex is about to discover just how imperfect their lives really are...

Hunting Grounds

Julian Mercer #6
Coming December 2020

An idyllic ski resort conceals a sinister secret…

In the last two years, a dozen people have been taken. Only a few survived. The victims have only one commonality. Each of them had visited the resort before the abduction.

Julian Mercer and his team are hired to investigate the town and identify the kidnapper. But while building their profile, a young girl is taken. The mother is distraught. But is this an act of the serial kidnapper or a copycat?

Nothing is as it seems. But Mercer doesn’t have time to figure out the finer details. The kidnapped girl isn’t well. And without her medication, she could die. Mercer’s willing to make concessions to appease the kidnapper to buy time and keep her alive, but the kidnapper keeps piling on more and more demands. Is this to delay the inevitable or to keep Mercer from tracking them down? Spread too thin, Mercer and his team will have to make some tough decisions. But will they make the right choices before time runs out?

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