Likely Suspects -- An Alexis Parker novel

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Alex finds herself working on two cases. One is an ocean away, and the other is right here at home. She made a promise to help Julian Mercer find his wife's killer. So far, no one else has made any real progress. But she must be missing something. Some hint or clue that everyone else is missing. The only other alternative is that this was a random act of violence. Alex isn't willing to accept that. Coincidences like that don't happen, but the deeper she digs, the more daunting the investigation becomes. Meanwhile, her other case turns hot after being ice cold. The danger is real, and choices will have to be made. 

Five years ago, a teenage girl vanished. After a thorough police investigation, the case went cold. Her parents spent the next few years hiring private investigators to search for their daughter, but they’ve had no luck until now. When Alex starts poking around, the cold case suddenly turns hot. Even though it’s been five years, some secrets were meant to stay buried, and the men that buried them will do anything to make sure no one discovers what’s really going on.

His team's been licking their wounds, recuperating and regrouping after their last mission. But this time, things are going to get personal. They're back in London, and it's bound to be a bloody good show. 

The hunter will become the hunted...

Michelle Mercer was brutally and violently murdered. Her husband, former SAS operative Julian Mercer, has never come to grips with the loss. How could he? After all, he was the prime suspect. Years have passed, but Mercer maintains his innocence. And now that he's home in London for an extended stay, he has nothing but time to review the clues, search for suspects, and plan his revenge. There's only one problem. The killer has set his sights on Mercer.

With little left to lose, Julian will do just about anything to get justice for his wife. So the hunted will become the hunter. But when the killer targets Mercer's team, Julian must make some tough decisions. Is revenge more important than saving innocent lives or the lives of his brothers-in-arms?

How far will one man go to stop his wife's killer?

Coming December 26

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