The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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An undercover MI5 agent has gone missing. It’s up to Julian Mercer and his team to perform the recovery. There’s just one problem. They don’t know if the agent has been compromised or if he switched sides.

Agent Owen Shepherd was tasked with infiltrating an IRA terrorist faction. He’d been in deep cover for two years, but now that an attack is imminent, he’s vanished. While searching for Shepherd, Mercer stumbles upon the terrorist’s plans. Mercer’s new primary objective – stop the terrorist attack. His secondary objective – find Owen Shepherd.

In order to thwart the attack, Mercer will have to step into Shepherd’s shoes to find out exactly what the faction leader has planned and how to stop it. But Julian’s growing distrust of the Security Service makes him question everything, from the operation runner’s loyalties to the real reason the missing agent went missing. Did the terrorists silence Shepherd or did his own people turn against him?

Alexis Parker #17
coming Jan/Feb 2020

This time, Alex Parker is tracking a serial arsonist whose gotten her a little hot under the collar. It's personal and deadly. Sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates on this and other titles as they become available. 

Unforeseen Danger
Liv DeMarco #2

A murder-suicide is about to become the biggest case of Detective Liv DeMarco’s career… 

When Liv follows a suspicious man onto the roof of an apartment building, she never expects to become embroiled in a case of deception, intrigue, and international proportions. Moments after the man confesses to committing murder, he plummets to his death, leaving several unanswered questions behind. Why did he kill that woman? What drove him to throw himself off a building? And why was he so afraid that suicide seemed like his only option?

To find the answers, Liv will have to start at the beginning. But identifying the suicide victim proves more complicated than she would have thought. His papers and identification are forgeries. And the woman he killed, it turns out, she doesn’t exist, at least not on paper. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the bodies go missing from the morgue. Someone much higher up the food chain is pulling strings to make this case unsolvable, but Liv and her partner are determined to get to the truth. This case may make or break Liv’s career, but that’s assuming she survives the unforeseen danger.