The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Burning Embers
(Alexis Parker #17)
coming March 31, 2020

After recent setbacks, private investigator Alexis Parker is ready for a break. She and Martin have plans. Big plans. But when a colleague ropes her into helping on his investigation, everything else might fall to the wayside.

The papers know him as Chef Easton, a rising star in the culinary world. But to Alex, he’s just another client whose life may be in jeopardy. He claims someone burned down his restaurant, but the arson investigators disagree. And so do the police. Could this be a publicity stunt? After all, any press is good press, right?

Alex isn’t convinced, and after receiving a frantic call from Chef Easton, she believes her client is genuinely scared. It’s no secret the city has a firebug. However, proving it might be more trouble than it’s worth. With her reputation and her client’s on the line, Alex will have to proceed carefully. A misstep could cost them their careers, or even worse, it might make the arsonist escalate. Until now, no one’s been hurt in any of the fires, but that’s about to change…

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Deadly Dealings
Liv DeMarco #3
coming soon

Detective Liv DeMarco thought transferring to a new unit would make her problems go away, but they’re just beginning.

When bodies start dropping after a string of home invasions, Liv and her partner are called in to investigate. These thieves turned killers only steal jewelry, electronics, and cash. But their methods of killing vary greatly. Liv’s instincts tell her this crew is after more than just some shiny baubles. The killings weren’t opportunistic or unavoidable – they’re the real motive behind these crimes, and stealing’s just a side benefit.

Now Liv and her partner must find a way to determine the killers’ next target. The case leads them to cross paths with someone from Liv’s past, someone she thought she’d never protect. But she swore an oath to uphold the law. And no matter who he is or what he’s done, he needs her help. Even if he won’t admit it…