The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Past Crimes
Alexis Parker #20
Coming Fall 2021

Eight years ago, he covered up a murder. Now Alexis Parker has to prove he didn't do it. Except, she's not convinced he isn't guilty.

Ever since Alex went to work for Lucien Cross, nothing's been the same. She's always been wary of him. Now, she finally knows why.

The police discovered a body and enough evidence to put Cross in a cell for the rest of his life. He won't offer an explanation. He hasn't even said he's innocent. The only thing he wants is Alex to work the case and clear his name. But how can she do that when every bit of evidence points to the contrary?

Fatal Mistake
Liv DeMarco #5
coming Dec. 27, 2021

One serial killer plus a rogue cop equals a recipe for disaster…

Following recent events, Detective Liv DeMarco finds herself working undercover. But this time, her partner, Brad Fennel, isn’t backing her plays. He’s been reassigned. Whether that’s temporary or permanent is anyone’s guess, but Liv doesn’t like it. There’s no one she trusts more than Brad, and she needs him to watch her back as she hunts a serial killer who’s murdering escorts.

In the midst of the operation, she spots Brad entering an adjacent hotel room. But as far as she knows, he’s not working this case, and his disheveled appearance and glassy eyes have her worried. She’s seen Brad in compromising positions before, but never like this. Has he gone rogue? Or has he just given up?

While Liv hunts a killer, she’ll unravel a world of secrets and deceit, where no one is who they say they are. How does her partner, the man she trusts most, fit into this mess? And will they be able to get out of it alive and unscathed? Or is this the end of their perfect partnership?

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