The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Zero Sum
Alexis Parker #22
Coming Dec. 27, 2022

A dead security guard and a missing client are just the beginning…

Alexis Parker's temporary relocation to sunny California isn't something she ever saw coming, just like the homicide victims she stumbled upon while conducting a security check.

Before she can even call for help, Alex realizes the shooters are still inside the building and she’s the only one around to stop them. But showing up to a gunfight without a gun is foolish, if not downright suicidal, and she made Martin a promise that she’d try to be more careful. So she does her best to slow them down, but the authorities arrive too late.

With the shooters on the run, Alex can't help but get caught up in a murder investigation that turns into something much worse than she thought possible. Her client has vanished. His assistant says it’s due to a family emergency, but that doesn’t track.

Malicious Intent
Liv DeMarco #8
coming 2023

Homicide detectives Liv DeMarco and Brad Fennel have one of the best closure rates in the department, but this case has them stumped. Will they figure out who had means, motive, and opportunity, or will the killer actually get away with murder this time?

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