The Alexis Parker Series - and other books by G.K. Parks

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Imminent Threat
Liv DeMarco #6
release date: March 31, 2022

Once a killer is caught, it’s important he stays caught…

As a homicide detective, Liv DeMarco chases down the worst of the worst. She’s careful to follow the rules, collect evidence, and build a case. But sometimes, that’s not enough.

When a serial killer awaiting trial is released on bail, Liv's convinced he'll use this opportunity to strike again. But the police have to be careful not to overstep. The last thing they need is to give any more credence to the killer's claims he's been railroaded. 

Meanwhile, Liv and her partner are assigned to assist the task force in tracking down the latest party drug, which happens to be killing people. While investigating, Liv realizes she's being watched, but by whom? With threats around every corner, Liv will have to be at her best, but she's already stretched too thin. And that's precisely what the killer is waiting for...

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